Menace To Society

Run from the carnival

Hide in the well

The hourglass stands still

The narrative starts to dwell


Victim of the future

Made out of dust

Caught in the hourglass

Turning to adjust


Fearful of the demons

That hide behind your mind

Menace to society

What's keeping you blind?


Seated at the table

Work to be a guest

Eat what is served

Pay like the rest


Wrong is what you think

Right is what is said

Menace to society

Believe to be no threat


A ticket to the exhibition

Pursuit in the queue

Menace to society

What do you do? 


Take a walk in freedom

With your ball and chain

Building to destroy

What is there to gain?


Keeping you locked up

‘till you forget your name

Menace to society

Why do you feel shame?


© The Moonshine Brand